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Youth in Action

Youth in Action provides low-income Israeli youth with the tools to be empowered and active community members and future leaders.


YEDID is committed to building strong leadership among Israel’s most at-risk populations. Well-informed and engaged youth offer the most promising future for all citizens, and it is essential to empower young people with the knowledge and skills they need to bring about positive change in their own lives and their communities.  This is especially relevant for low-income youth, and even more for Arab-Israeli and other minority youth, who often lack access to information about their democratic rights and responsibilities.


Project Description

Youth in Action (YIA) provides low-income Israeli youth with the tools to be empowered, active leaders of their community and to serve as agents for change in the areas of youth rights and services.  YIA educates participants regarding their social, economic, and employment rights and then provides them with the community organizing and advocacy skills that they need to be active proponents for their rights. Meetings also cover topics such as leadership, democracy, Israeli society, discrimination, civil rights and conflict resolution. 


In the second part of the program, participants are involved in volunteer projects that they create in partnership with local community organizations.  In the past, projects have included working with autistic children, organizing summer camp activities for elementary school children, volunteering with the elderly, and organizing a used book drive.  


Positive Results

The program highlights the shared experiences and needs of youth from diverse backgrounds and places a special emphasis on non-violent conflict resolution.  In recent years, YEDID has successfully implemented this project for Arab-Israeli youth in Nazareth and for immigrant youth in Tel Mond.

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