New Appointments and new Centers at YEDID

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New Appointments and new Centers at YEDID


Yahalom Ozeri, who until recently, served as YEDID's National Director of Programs as well as  Director of the Citizens’ Rights Center in Kiryat Gat, was appointed as Director of YEDID's  new Rights Realisation Academy.


Replacing her in the position of Director of the Rights Center in Kiryat Gat is Ruthi Maimoni, who until now, was Rights Coordinator at the center, and Director of the satellite centers in Nehora/Lachish.


Attorney Marina Polinovski was appointed as Director of YEDID’s mobile center which operates in communities of the western Galilee: ten years ago, Marina served as an attorney in YEDID’s Legal Department.


Attorney Nira Shalev was appointed as Director of YEDID’s Legal Department, and the other new lawyers joining her are attorneys Hadas Dagan-Kesten, Zehavit Korber and Rivka Hinman.

Danit Lari, Marketing expert, who specializes in finance and real estate, has joined YEDID’s Board of Trustees (a voluntary position).




YEDID is now also at the Lev HaSharon Local Council

A meeting took place this week between the Director of YEDID’s Citizens’ Rights Center in Netanya and the Sharon area, Oranit Malchi, Deputy Director of YEDID, Ran Melamed AND  the Director of the Department of Social Services of the Lev Sharon Local Council, Orit Bar, and Director of the Department of Community Work, Adi Leshem. They agreed that immediately after Passover, a branch of YEDID’s rights center will start to operate there – assisting all residents to access their social and economic rights.

More to come…






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