New Citizens´ Rights Center for YEDID

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New Citizens´ Rights Center for YEDID


YEDID opened a new citizens´ rights center in cooperation with Mevasseret Zion’s local council.

 Participating in the opening of the center, which took place in the offices of the local council, were the Head of the local council, Yoram Shimon, YEDID's Chair Dr. Gidi Kaplan, Director of the Social Services Department, Varda Ben Horin, members of YEDID's Board of Directors: Rabbi Stanley Ringler and Dr. Yosef Gottlieb, residents of Mevasseret, and, of course, social workers and volunteers, headed by a resident of Mevasseret, who initiated the opening of the center, Dubi Kadouri. He will run the center together with YEDID’s staff, headed by the Director of YEDID's citizens’ rights centers, Yona Ditman-Perlson.


YEDID staff say that this is a future model of citizen’s rights centers which will be operated by volunteers who are residents of a city or community with YEDID’s assistance and professional guidance.


In the photo (r-l): Renana Stavi, community social worker, Dubi Kadouri, a resident of Mevasseret, Yoram Shimon, Head of the local council, Dr. Gidi Kaplan, YEDID Chair, Yona Ditman-Perlson, Director of YEDID's citizens' rights centers, Dr. Joseph Gottlieb and Rabbi Stanley Ringler, and CPA Kinneret Cubac, YEDID’s CFO.

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