Welcome to YEDID’s New Chair

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Welcome to YEDID’s New Chair


We would like to inform you that at yesterday’s Board Meeting held in Tel Aviv, we parted from our Chair Avi Gabbay.  Following his election as Chair of the Labor Party Avi can no longer continue to serve as Chair of YEDID’s Board.


At the same time, we are pleased to announce that Dr. Gidi Kaplan has been elected as Chair of YEDID’s Board.

Gidi came to us more than 10 years ago when he began as a volunteer in our citizens' rights center in Ashkelon. He also founded the "Friends of YEDID," that managed to raise large amounts of money for the center’s activities.


Gidi was an active member of YEDID’s Citizens for Change group in Ashkelon, which achieved great things on a local and national level.

Dr. Gidi Kaplan, lives in Tel Aviv, and is married, with 3 children.

In 2014, he joined YEDID’s board.


As an expert in high-tech and engineering and with a doctorate in information theory, Gidi decided several years ago that he wanted to contribute to Israeli society. After completing the educational leadership program at the Mandel Leadership Institute, he earned a teaching certificate in mathematics for high schools.

In the past two years, Gidi established and directed the new Technology Center in Be'er Sheva, where today 900 students study robotics, biotechnology and communications.


In addition, Gidi worked on developing programs for teachers in mathematics, science and robotics for the Branco Weiss Institute’s network of schools.

He also help set up the "Teach Together" initiative, in which individual volunteers from high-tech and academia teach join students and a teacher in the classroom to help advance Math, Sciences (STEM fields) and English studies.


In his previous executive positions, Gidi has managed projects and companies in the field of high-tech and startups. He was one of the founders of Gilat Satellite Networks.


In the framework of his military service, Dr. Gidi Kaplan, together with a group of employees, won the Israel Defense Prize.

We are delighted that Dr. Gidi Kaplan has agreed to take on the leadership of YEDID with the great challenges which face the organization in its twentieth year.

We are confident that he will be able to contribute to YEDID over the next 20 years.


We wish Gidi great success in the new volunteer role he has taken upon himself and we will do everything to ensure that his success will also be ours.




Sari Revkin                                                       Ran Melamed

Executive Director                    Deputy Director for Communications and Social Policy

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