Finally Graduated

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Finally Graduated


The first class to ever graduate the Megemeria School received their official jeweler’s certificates from the Economy and Trade Ministry. The school trains Ethiopian immigrants to Israel to become professional jewelry makers.

The graduation ceremony took place at the Yvel Design Center, in the presence of friends and partners. Certificates were awarded by the Chair of the Committee for Immigrant Absorption and Diaspora Affairs, MK Yoel Razvozov, together with MK Reuven Rivlin.


Megemeria’s new partner, Israel Prize laureate Stef Wertheimer, also attended the event.


YEDID is currently working with Wertheimer and Orna and Isaac Levy, owners of YEDID and founders of the school, to open another branch of the school in Wertheimer’s new industrial park in Nazareth. This new school will serve


Jewish and Arab students from the city and its surroundings.

The second class of Megemeria students is about to finish studying, and graduates will be integrated into work at the Yvel Design Center or at the Megemeria social business, which markets and sells students’ and graduates’ jewelry line.


Attached is a photo from the event. Credit for the photo belongs to Flash 90.




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