MEGEMERIA’s Stellar New Item – A Jewel for Obama

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MEGEMERIA’s Stellar New Item – A Jewel for Obama


The students of MEGEMERIA, a school for jewelry design that caters to Ethiopian Immigrants, will be presenting the pendant to President Barack Obama´s entourage on the latter’s planned visit to Israel with the request of getting it to the president.

The pendant was one of the attractions that drew the eye of members of the US’s National Council of Jewish Women (NCJW), which arrived this week for a tour of the visitor’s center at Yvel. 



Yvel is one of Israel’s foremost jewelry exporters, and it is Yvel owners Orna and Isaac Levy, in collaboration with the non-profit organization, YEDID, that initiated the MEGEMERIA social business.


In the picture: An American delegate wearing jewelry seconds before purchasing it. 


photos by: Noam Revkin Fenton, Ran Melamed



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