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Maccabi Wives


Danielle Smith, Kiara Patterson, and Melissa James, the wives of senior Maccabi Tel Aviv basketball team players Devin Smith, David Logan, and Sean James, are pictured here (right to left). The women were YEDID´s guests at the organization´s social business venture, MEGEMERIA, which is a one-of-a-kind school that teaches jewelry making and design to Ethiopian immigrants to Israel, and offers the latter jobs upon graduating.

During their visit, the women met with Avraham Neguseh, the "father" of Ethiopian immigrants, and purchased jewelry from the diverse and unique collection created by the students and graduates of the school. The women also enjoyed drinking wine from the Judean Mountains and local wineries.


The school is the philanthropic initiative of Orna and Isaac Levy, owners of Yvel, a distinguished jewelry house located on the outskirts of Jerusalem. The initiative is co-run by YEDID, in partnership with donors from Israel and abroad, including the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews; World ORT Kadima Mada; the Jewish Community Federation of San Francisco; the Baron de Hirsch Fund; the Jerusalem Municipality; Employment Services; the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor; the Ministry of Immigrant Absorption; and others.




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