In times of economic crisis and budget cuts

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In times of economic crisis and budget cuts


YEDID offers an approach from which everyone profits: Accessing rights and family budget planning will safeguard your employees.


In recent months, the number of clients turning to YEDID’s Citizen Rights Centers across the country has been steadily increasing. The majority of cases involve the growing economic hardships suffered by low-income populations, Israelis who have been laid off, and others who took out mortgages when times were better and are currently struggling to manage the burden – these people come to YEDID in a panic, desperate to prevent the loss of their homes.


In light of the current economic situation, YEDID has developed a special model for corporations and big businesses in which we assist their employees (who number hundreds and thousands) in accessing their legal rights. These services are certainly designed for those known as “blue-collar” workers, but are also meant for lower middle-class earners and even the employees of large high-tech companies. 


The goal is to provide confidential, personalized assistance in helping workers exercise the full extent of their rights. Consultations can take place in one of YEDID’s Citizen Rights Centers across the country, or on-site at companies, when funding comes directly from the latter – from employers who understand that investing in their employees extends beyond vacation time and holiday bonuses, and into showing concern for their personal well-being and for the creation of an atmosphere of “work without worries.”


For a number of months now, a few large companies have been participating in YEDID’s program, including G4S and Mega Retail, from the Dror Alon group. The program includes YEDID’s professional assistance in the areas of dealing with debt and financial difficulties (including struggles with the National Agency for Debt Collection, banks, etc.); accessing full rights at the National Insurance Institute; assistance in housing problems (including public housing, mortgages, leases and rents, tenant rights); and various consumer issues. The program also offers assistance in planning a family budget.


“At the end of the day, an employee who knows that his problems are being addressed and who has someone who is empathically listening to him – this is an employee whose productivity and effectiveness will be at their greatest. Employees such as these will ultimately benefit employers and will only help the latter to ensure the continued existence of the company,” says Sari Revkin, Executive Director of YEDID.


“Concern for the well-being of employees and their families is the core of the managerial approach of the Group’s management team,” says Yael Leventhal Lev-Ran, Director of Corporate Responsibility of the Alon Group, which owns the chain of Mega stores.


“Given the economic changes that the State of Israel has undergone in the last two years, and as part of our social responsibility toward our employees, we saw it as the right thing to do, to give our employees and their families new tools to cope with economic challenges. From our perspective, YEDID is the expert in terms of their familiarity with the field – the needs and the solutions. We see cooperating in this initiative as promoting the quality of life for our employees and their families.”


Dafna Arad Govrin, Deputy Director of Corporate Responsibility at G4S Security Solutions says, “As a company that employs workers at minimum wage, YEDID offers us a solution that enables us to assist our employees in maximizing their income and managing their family budgets sensibly. The feedback we have received from our employees has lead us to the decision that we will continue to invest in our employees well-being, via this welcome initiative.”


YEDID’s intention is to extend this service to more factories and companies throughout the country. “We tailor this program to each and every company,” says Liat Arbel, Director of Business Relations at YEDID. “Our professionals will travel to any location. We offer businesses a system by which employers may support and strengthen their employees, who are so crucial to the business – particularly in this time of economic uncertainty.” 

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