Strauss Ltd. and YEDID Partner to Get Women Back to Work

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Strauss Ltd. and YEDID Partner to Get Women Back to Work


Let’s Get to Work! for mothers of low income families began classes in Petach Tikva this month. YEDID’s employment readiness course is sponsored by the Strauss Group.


YEDID launched a new Let’s Get To Work! course in Petach Tikva at the beginning of January supported by a generous donation from the Strauss Group.  In the exhilarating opening meeting each of the 21 participants introduced themselves.  All are married women from low income working populations, many from families in which only one parent works and who are unable to “finish the month” without debts.


The main figures responsible for the course were present at the first meeting: Liat Arbel, Director of the YEDID Citizen Rights Center in Petach Tikva; Daniella Prosky-Sion, Manager of Strauss’s Corporate Responsibility program; and Project Coordinator, Maya Tal.


According to Maya Tal, “the chemistry worked over time and the rapport among the various players leading the course was perfect. In my opinion the first meeting was very successful. All the women were excited by the possibilities and fascinated by the program. They all actively participated. At the end of the meeting as they were leaving the room, the women warmly thanked me for “the gift we had given them by accepting them to the course.”


Over the past few days, women have continued to call requesting to register, and even more than that, participants suddenly think of friends who would benefit from the course. The program consists of 22 sessions, including “soft skills” training, such as interview preparation and job search proficiency, budget management, a computer course, and self empowerment activities for the actualization of their rights, as well as long term support and follow-up for course participants from the moment they enter the job market.


YEDID deeply values its connection with the Strauss Group, a connection that originated as part of its central corporate responsibility program aimed at investing in the advancement of diverse populations in the field of employment.  One of the main goals of the Strauss Group is to support leading nonprofit organizations working toward creating genuine change by assisting diverse populations and promoting their integration into the job market. 

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