ECI Telecom Continues its Work: “Together with the Community“

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ECI Telecom Continues its Work: "Together with the Community"


Since 2006 The YEDID Citizen Rights Center in Petach Tikvah has reopened under the auspices of ECI, an international telecommunications company. ECI President and Chairman of the Board of Directors Rafi Maor: "We view the reopening of the Petach Tikvah Center as a top priority. The Center will help the residents of our city and offer an opportunity for our workers to volunteer in the community in which they live."


On International Human Rights Day ECI opened the YEDID Citizen Rights Center in Petach Tikvah. The ceremony took place in the presence of Ahuva Yanai, director of Matan; Deputy Mayor Yaacov Ben Simchon and Sari Revkin, YEDID’s Executive Director.


YEDID was chosen to be ECI's flagship volunteer project: "Together with the Community." The project's aim is social and communal empowerment, whose main idea is to enable both individuals and groups of people to use their individual potential to change their environment. It also offers the opportunity for individuals as well as groups to utilize their talents through actualization of their rights.


ECI also supports other YEDID projects in Ofakim and Jerusalem. The bond between ECI and YEDID was created by the Matan, an organization whose specialty is making connections between businesses and the communities in which they are located. Matan accompanied ECI through all stages of implementation of its program of activities.


The initiative to open the Petach Tikvah Citizen Rights Center came about when ECI representatives learned that YEDID had operated a Rights Center in Petach Tikvah up until two years ago, but then closed it due to budgetary constraints. The Center assisted hundreds of local residents from all sectors of the community: religious and secular, veteran Israelis and new immigrants. After the Center closed, anyone in need of help had to come to the YEDID Citizen Rights Center in Tel-Aviv.


Today, thanks to ECI's contribution which established the Center in the center of town, local citizens can come to a Center near their homes whenever they are in need of assistance.


The new Center will offer advice and aid at no cost in the areas of legal rights, consumerism, education, employment, housing, the National Insurance Institute and health. Solutions are offered according to a model based on the principle of empowerment, through which the client learns to deal with the "system" by himself to implement his rights.


Rafi Maor, president and head of the board of directors of ICIC, notes, "As citizens of Israel and as an international company based in Israel, we feel obligated to act for the benefit of the rights of the individual."  He added, "We see the reopening of the Petach Tikvah Center as a top priority. The Center will help the residents of our city and offer an opportunity for our workers to volunteer in the community in which they live."


Sari Revkin, Executive Director of YEDID, says, "We are firm believers in cooperation between the business sector and the third, volunteer sector: when workers join a community project it is a winning combination. We are proud that YEDID has been chosen by ECI as a community partner to lead the empowerment project."


ECI workers will be called upon to volunteer in YEDID’s Centers and help in a wide variety of areas, according to their talents and preferences.

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