“I Now Believe Everything will be Alright!”

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“I Now Believe Everything will be Alright!”


A Profile of Aliza, one of over 120 women who have already benefited YEDID´s Let’s Get to Work! program this year.

Let’s Get to Work!, a job readiness course designed for chronically unemployed Israeli women, is one of YEDID’s many successful programs. Aliza represents one woman who has benefited greatly from this program. When she gave birth to her third child, Aliza decided to quit her job at Bezeq Telecommunications to care for her young children. Two years later, Aliza was anxious to return to the work force, but was no longer confident that she was employable and could not bring herself to begin applying for jobs.



The Let’s Get to Work! course has been more beneficial than Aliza ever dreamed it would be. It has empowered her and given her the faith in herself that she needed to get back to work. Aliza is now aware that she is in charge of her life and is moving forward. From the depths of self-doubt she has emerged with a positive attitude and truly believes “everything will be alright.” In fact, two days after completion of the course at the end of June 2010, Aliza received a job offer at a newspaper that she was extremely pleased to accept.


Aliza read about YEDID’s Ashkelon Let’s Get to Work! program in the local paper in April, and immediately knew that this course was what she was desperately searching for. She was very excited to have the opportunity to participate in this type of dynamic program, and felt that “this program was designed just for me.” Her husband agreed that this course would be the perfect venue to allow Aliza to re-enter the job market.    


Aliza would like to extend thanks to YEDID, and in particular to Ruthy, the course facilitator, and Anat, the course coordinator of Ashkelon’s Let’s Get to Work! program. She credits much of her success to the team effort of the special group of women in the course who worked together and inspired each other.



Let's Get to Work! in Ashkelon was generously funded by UJA Federation of New York.

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