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Our Programs

YEDID’s community empowerment initiatives provide participants with skills and information to make positive changes in their lives and communities.


Programs are targeted to meet the specific needs of the communities and groups to which they are offered. For example, YEDID adapts its Financial Management courses to be appropriate for illiterate groups, as has been the case with groups of Bedouin or Ethiopian women.


The extremely positive word-of-mouth response generated by the courses has expanded the range of communities that are aware of courses and request to participate.


In 2010, YEDID implemented seventy-seven economic empowerment programs, including:

  • 210 women improved their employment prospects in 11 Let’s Get to Work! employment readiness programs.

  • Over 300 people gained control of their family budget by participating in one of YEDID's 16 Family Budget Management courses.

  • Youth and young adults also learned financial management in YEDID's specially adapted course for these age groups.

  • YEDID's community organizing groups continued to go from strength to strength registering policy change successes in the fields of education, employment and the environment.

  • 172 Ethiopian-Israeli adults took part in a variety of community empowerment programs.

  • Youth in Action and other educational empowerment programs provided motivation and skills for tens of Arab and immigrant teenagers.

  • Kindergarten and elementary school children gained extra-curricular enrichment in YEDID's specially designed children's empowerment programs.   

For the growing number of low-income citizens, budget management training is crucial in avoiding debt and foreclosure, and helps them manage their day-to-day expenses by encouraging family cooperation and communication.

YEDID is now offering its well-known budget management training course to teenagers and youth, especially designed to meet their needs and lifestyle.

YEDID´s flagship program aims to break the cycle of poverty by assisting chronically unemployed women enter the labor market with a new sense of self-confidence.

For parents who cannot otherwise afford after-school enrichment programs for their young children, YEDID´s children´s empowerment programming gives immigrant or at-risk children the opportunity to advance their skills, increase self-esteem, and narrow the gap between them and their more advantaged peers.

YEDID´s educational empowerment programs for youth are much more than just after school programs. They provide at-risk and immigrant teenagers with the opportunities to advance their skills, increase self-confidence, and are a framework in which to start planning the future.

Youth in Action provides low-income Israeli youth with the tools to be empowered and active community members and future leaders.

YEDID provides a range of programs to help Ethiopian immigrants confront the many challenges they face upon their arrival to Israel, including bridging the cultural gap, offering rights information, and improving family communication.

The ABSchool of Jewelry & Design offers Ethiopian immigrants a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to acquire the art of jewelry making and diamond setting. Graduates will go on to work for the YVEL company or for a new social enterprise, called Megemeria. YVEL and YEDID are working in partnership on this unique project.

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