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Ethiopian Adult Empowerment

YEDID provides a range of programs to help Ethiopian immigrants confront the many challenges they face upon their arrival to Israel, including bridging the cultural gap, offering rights information, and improving family communication.


The Ethiopian community in Israel faces many acute challenges, including poverty, bridging the generation gap between Ethiopian-born parents and Israeli-born children, interacting with school and government authorities, and the language gap.  Ethiopian men are especially challenged in coping with the loss of their traditional leadership roles.  The community also faces a rise in divorce and family violence. 


YEDID's Ethiopian Empowerment programming is aimed to empower Ethiopian immigrants with the tools to realize their rights and fully integrate into Israeli society while simultaneously maintaining important traditions.


Program Descriptions

YEDID has developed several unique programs including:


Men's Empowerment: The transition to life in Israel has had a disempowering impact on Ethiopian fathers, who find themselves no longer able to fulfill the traditional role of authoritative head of the family.  This project addresses Ethiopian men’s empowerment in a sensitive, culturally appropriate manner that respects their self-image while providing practical tools for success in Israel. 


Parents' Empowerment: Ethiopian immigrant parents often lack the information and tools to support their children’s educational success.  They do not know how to advocate for their children’s needs within the system.  This project focuses on the Israeli educational system and gives Ethiopian immigrant parents the tools to promote their children’s educational success. 


Community Leadership Development:  An unfortunate outcome of the Ethiopian immigration is that the community's traditional leadership was completely disempowered.  This program provides leadership training workshops and supports participants as they work to come up with solutions to some of their community’s most pressing problems.  The training addresses challenges specific to the Ethiopian community, especially its need for leadership, volunteerism, and participation. 


Positive Results

Participants in YEDID's Ethiopian Empowerment programming are grateful for receiving such priceless skills, and they wish that all Ethiopian immigrants would have access to YEDID's program in order to stem the trend of violence within the community.  Participants report on improved family relationships, and often stay in touch with the program facilitator for months after the program, to report on their progress and ask for advice. 

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