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Business Initiatives


YEDID offers an approach from which everyone profits: Accessing rights and family budget planning will safeguard your employees.

In recent months, the number of clients turning to YEDID’s Citizen Rights Centers across the country has been steadily inc...


Let’s Get to Work! for mothers of low income families began classes in Petach Tikva this month. YEDID’s employment readiness course is sponsored by the Strauss Group.

YEDID launched a new Let’s Get To Work! course in Petach Tikva at the beginning of J...


Since 2006 The YEDID Citizen Rights Center in Petach Tikvah has reopened under the auspices of ECI, an international telecommunications company. ECI President and Chairman of the Board of Directors Rafi Maor: "We view the reopening of the Petach Tikv...

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