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Communities Organizing for Change

Communities Organizing for Change empowers low-income Israelis and provides them with the skills to become leaders in their communities and implement advocacy campaigns on local and national levels to affect laws and public policy.

Why organize for change?!

In low-income Israeli communities with a high concentration of new immigrants, citizens are frequently unaware of their rights. In addition, they often lack the skills to negotiate complex bureaucratic systems or influence either local or national decision-making processes. A pervasive feeling of disempowerment exists within these segments of Israeli society.


Grassroots Community Organizing

Communities Organizing for Change provides low-income Israelis with the tools to carry out successful local and national advocacy and public policy change activities. Tools that the program affords them include:

  • Creating a campaign with specified objectives and outcomes

  • Volunteer recruitment, grassroots organizing

  • Working with the media

  • Public advocacy skills

Using these new skills and under the guidance of YEDID, each group identifies issues affecting their community and organizes a campaign to advance that issue.


Change that makes a difference

Over the years, YEDID has seen many successful results from our Communities Organizing for Change groups in Ashkelon, Rahat, Kiryat Gat, Nazareth and Haifa.  For example, in Rahat the group successfully campaigned to get the city's first intra-city bus line up and running.  In Ashkelon, the group created a national campaign to lower the price of Holocaust education school trips to Poland so that they can be afforded by all children and not just a minority of privileged children.


To donate to YEDID's Community Organizing programming,

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The Government announced it will subsidize up to 70% of the cost of youth trips to Poland. And the remaining 30%? YEDID and our Ashkelon Citizens Organizing for Change initiated the campaign and now call upon the Minister of Education to adopt a plan...


After years of anticipation, residents of Rahat report enthusiastically about the new public transportation system that recently began service in the city

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