Yedid - The Association for Community Emporwerment

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About Yedid

YEDID's mission is to empower Israelis to become self-sufficient and civically engaged members of society. 


Established in 1997 to promote social and economic justice in Israel, YEDID has gained widespread national appreciation and a host of prestigious awards for its community work and empowerment achievements throughout Israel.


YEDID operates through a nationwide network of 16 Citizen Rights Centers and Satellites, staffed by a dedicated team of top professionals and expertly trained volunteers. Volunteers include lawyers, business people, and social service practitioners who generously give of their time and work alongside former clients who now seek to assist others just as they were empowered in their time of need.


YEDID's unique model helps people help themselves thought four innovative and interrelated channels:

  • Social, Economic & Legal Assistance

  • Community Empowerment Initiatives

  • Grassroots Community Organizing

  • National Advocacy for Policy Change